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Bump Mapping + Per pixel lighting

made on an AthlonXP with a Geforce2MX

Those pictures have been rendered (that is, computed) by my 3D OpenGL engine. All the materials used to get those results (textures, scenes...) are the property of Id-Software.

A future FPS made with Quake III models and levels


Quake III + shity Soft shadows


Quake III + Hard shadows

Carmack's reverse shadow volume trick in action. Lacks soft shadows and Cass's anti-popping.

Self shadowing

Inside shadow volume

Inside shadow volume
the shadow on the left comes from... the triangles of a light spot =-|

Quake III maps

I still have a few minor graphic bugs, due to the fact that many Q3shaders do not handle lighting in their first pass.

Quake I maps


Bugs on Quake III maps
the lightmap has been used instead of the bumpmap

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