2009 - Fast Metaballs

A new Metaball algorithm I invented. It's much much faster than the Marching Cube, and the results are quite comparable. MC still looks a bit nicer as I'm working on improving lighting in my algorithm.

I found out on February the 13th that GPU Gems 3 describes a slightly similar technique. Still their algorithm requires more passes and some more computations for the rendering, so mine will be quite faster: I need only one prepass to prepare my work buffer; meaning particles are only displayed twice, against once per layer plus once in the final rendering in GPUGem3's algorithm.

Used in CAE Healthcare's LapVR Appendoctomy simulator:

Integration of this method in Edouard Poutot's Fluid Dynamic framework (usual Metaball technique implementation, particle physic and help on the procedural sand shader by Edouard):

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