List of games and simulators I worked on


July 2015 - Today Google Zurich

BioWare Montréal

March 2013 - June 2015
  • Dragon Age III - Inquisition
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Frostbite 3 improvements

CAE Healthcare

November 2010 - February 2013: healthcare simulators
  • Main project is a laparoscopic appendectomy simulator - LapVR Appendectomy.
  • Architecture of the new engine
  • Implemented 3D Virtual Texture to stream CT scans of a body to video memory depending on the probe movements.
  • Improved rendering quality of the simulator, with better lighting, faked subsurface scatering, gpu metaball fluids, highly tessellated rendering model following the physic model and its alteration.
  • Improved performances and loading times.
  • Fixed several multithreading issues, reduced use of locks between threads, improved parallelization.
  • Created a CPU profiler to see visually tasks on threads along several frames, with minimal code and performance impact.
  • Created a memory logger to see which parts of the code allocate and fragment memory and which threads allocates the most each frame.
  • Metaballs for blood and water
  • High res visual mesh following physic simulation's low res model and replicating damages
  • Damage effects
  • Depth of field
  • Camera effects

Ubisoft Montréal

November 2010 - Your Shape: Fitness Evolved:
  • Optimizations of the particle engine and of the fluid physique engine, using meta-programming, batching, VMX128 SIMD programming, moving parts of the particle update to the GPU.
  • Added batching to the 3D renderer.
  • Optimized the renderer.
  • Replaced env-mapped mirrors with real reflecting mirrors.
May 2010: Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands - Xbox 360, PS3, PC versions
  • Was the engineer with the most comprehensive view of the 3d and game engine architecture.
  • Lots of heavy debugging on PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • Changed multithreaded tasks scheduling order to improve performances
  • Faster start time by loading asynchronously shader databases
  • Fast real-time Metaballs implemented on GPU with several layers of depth
  • Responsible for the shaders use logging/generation on all platforms.
  • Lots of profiling to tell colleagues what to optimize.
  • Mixed forward and deferred rendering techniques to improve framerate while reduce number of shaders, and to prevent creation of unpredicted lighting condition when the player uses game spells.
  • Tries to communicate a lot with colleagues about state of the art technologies and habits.
2008: Prince of Persia - PC version
  • Quickly learned how the Anvil/Scimitar engine works.
  • Debugged and optimized the rendering.
  • Fixed the multithreaded loading of graphic resources.
  • Defined and implemented the low, medium and high quality settings.

Lucasfilms Singapore - Video Game Department (LucasArts Singapore)

2008: StarWars - The CloneWars - Jedi Alliance (site officiel) (DS) (1st announcement on IGN):
  • first realtime shadows of characters on every environment ever on DS
  • camera systems
  • collisions and basic movements
  • artists' and designers' pipeline tools
  • gameplay features implementation and game script debugging

F4, Paris

2006: Exalight (PC), end of 2007: rendering, tools & pipeline
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2006: Empire of sports (PC), end of 2007: rendering, bodies evolution (muscles, clothes), tools & pipeline
Empire of Sports
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2006: Lafuma Unlimit 2 (PC), end of 2007: mountain rendering & shaders, tools & pipeline

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2005 - 2006: ECO - Battle with Detritus
(PC): rendering, simulation, gameplay, terrain editor, tools & pipeline
2004 - 2005: Lafuma Unlimit (PC): gameplay, collision, track editor, rendering, tools & pipeline, enemies & obstacles
Lafuma Unlimit
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2003 - 2005 - prototypes: rendering, collision, gameplay, tools & pipeline

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