I'm Sylvain Vignaud, and I'm a programmer working on real time 3D application such as video games and simulators.
I love pushing the limits of what's possible, optimizing as much as possible and doing effects no one has done before.

I've taught myself to program on Apple ][ and on PC since the 80ies, and I started programming 2D graphics in assembly since 1993, 3d software renderers in 1997 and GPU accelerated software in 2001.
I worked on several games from the Star Wars, Prince of Persia, Your Shape Fitness Evolved licenses; and from now on the next BioWare games.

Here's the list of video games I worked on, ranging from strategy to management and platform/action, running on handheld, salon consoles and PC.
I now work at Google

My resume.
Conformal Foveated Rendering: a foveation method assigning pixels to the final image with a variable density (more in the acute area). Publication

Standard foveated rendering on the left, C-FR on the right:

Temporal Anti-Aliasing

Fast 3D Metaballs on GPU

My implementation of Crytek's Massive Lighting

Per vertex pseudo global illumination in real time on CPU

Complex and animated realtime shadows on Nintendo DS

Soft shadows on TNT/TNT2/Geforce2's fixed pipeline

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email : Sly