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My name is Sylvain Vignaud and I'm a programmer working on real time 3D application such as video games and simulators.

I worked on several games from the Star Wars, Prince of Persia, Your Shape Fitness Evolved licenses; and from now on the next BioWare games. Here's the list of video games I worked on, ranging from strategy to management and platform/action, running on handheld, salon consoles and PC.

I now work at Google

My resume.

I've taught myself to program on Apple ][ and on PC since the 80ies, and I started programming 2D graphics in assembly since 1993, 3d software renderers in 1997 and GPU accelerated software in 2001.
I love pushing the limits of what's possible, optimizing as much as possible and doing effects no one has done before. Some example of such achievements are:

Here are some thoughts about:

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